The Mommy Makeover & Breast Enhancement Surgery - Atlanta, GA


Hi. My name is John Connors and I'm a plastic surgeon here in Atlanta, Georgia. Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The second component that I'd like to talk about with regards mommy makeovers is breast surgery. After pregnancies and with breastfeeding and the sequelae that occur after pregnancy, soft tissue descent and the loosening of ligaments of the breast leads to sagging of the breast and loss of volume. 

When I discuss mommy makeovers with patients we always focus on the breast. At the time of the examination the patient and I will look at skin quality, evidence of stretch marks, loss of soft tissue volume, stretching of ligaments, nipple position is critical. I perform a lot of measurements at the time of the breast exam and those measurements give me objective criteria to discuss with the patient potential options for breast surgery and breast rejuvenation.

Ideally, the nipple is above the inframammary fold and to achieve that many times we have to achieve that whether it's with an implant or actually a breast lift. Breast lifts can come in many forms and options. An incision can be just around the nipple areola in a circular pattern. It can be around the nipple areola and down vertically, almost like a keyhole or a lollipop incision. Finally, it can be what many patients refer to as the anchor incision around the nipple areola, down the front of the breast and underneath.

All those options really are predicated on the patient's anatomy. I think it's critical at the time of the examination to do the measurements that I do but also having that information and discussing with their patients what their goals are. I think that educating patients on their anatomy, on their options really leads to the ability for me to produce a fantastic result. I educate patients through the entire process.