Incision Placement in Breast Augmentation - Atlanta, GA


With regard to incision placement in breast augmentation, I use all incision types. There are a number of different incision placement locations, including the inframammary, the periareolar, around the areola or nipple, and through the armpit or transaxillary. I use and incorporate all those incisions in my patient population. At the time of your consultation, we will talk about all of them. We'll discuss which option for incision is best for you. 

My goals in breast augmentation are to provide each patient with a very natural result. There are a few things that I feel that I do somewhat differently than other surgeons. Number one, I do like to place a majority of my implants under the muscle, in a subpectoral position. That allows me to sculpt the breast and the breast pocket, to place an implant that's going to achieve the most natural results. 

The other aspect that I think really contributes to the overall final result is at the time that I place that implant, I put in internal support stitches, almost an internal bra. Those internal sutures allow support for the implant while patients bodies and soft tissues form their own internal bra. That's critical. I feel that that allows each patient to have a result that is really as natural as possible.