Body Contouring Options: Liposuction & SmartLio - Atlanta, GA


Hi, I'm Dr. John Connors, and I am a board-certified plastic surgeon, practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. And one of the popular conversations that I have with my patients basically centers around aspects of body contouring. Patients that are active and typically notice areas where they might not have the contour that they'd ideally like to have, whether it be their abdomen, their waist, flank areas, inner/outer thighs. These are areas that can be somewhat stubborn to exercising, running, even swimming, and they'd like to contour these areas to help them fit better in bathing suits and workout clothes and dresses and even jeans.

Typically what I use to help those patients surgically is liposuction. That's one of my most popular procedures. I probably perform upwards of 10 procedures a week, both in my procedure room as well as in my operating room. 

One of the real game-changers for me over the last number of years has been the incorporation of smart lipo. It's laser-assisted liposuction, and it has allowed me to really focus attention on removing fat in very specific areas, specific areas that patients and I identify together. The laser really fine-tunes my ability to remove that fatty tissue.

Another aspect that I've really developed a real affinity for has been high-definition liposculpture. I use this technique in both men for ab sculpting, developing a 6 pack, as well as in women to really help develop the V shape of the abdomen. And the laser really - not only has it helped me develop those anatomic, fantastic results, but it also has minimized some of the downtimes that I've seen in patients. Patients recover quicker. They typically are back to work in a couple of days, although many times we have to coach patients not to be too active after surgery, and really minimize too much impact. But the results have been fantastic, and patients have been very, very happy with this aspect of it.